Friday, October 3, 2008

Korean Ginseng

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asian ginseng provides energy and stimulates male sexual function. It's a natural treatment for erectile difficulties. Native American cultures used ginseng for similar reasons. It's interesting that ginseng grows naturally in both Korea and the United States. However, the plant root is immensely more popular in Korea. Some stores devote their shelves entirely to ginseng-related products.
Once I tried a microwaved slice of honey-sweetened ginseng. It was delicious! I don't see myself buying one of these ginseng 'specimans,' though, other than as a souvenir. I wouldn't know how to prepare it.

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Trvlgyrl said...

should have come to my class to learn how to prepare (just kidding!) The honey soaked ginseng is delicious!! Expensive - but maybe I should stock up since the exchange rate is in our favor!