Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm down to 6 weeks in Korea. My friend and I created a "Korean Bucket List" of everything we want to do before we leave. Once we start on that bucket list, I'll have more photos! Also, anticipate some posts related to my Hong Kong trip.
Here are a few random Korean food items:
-The PX was out of Centrum. Older Koreans love Centrum, especially bottles with American labels. My friend from the states sends them to his grandmother here.
-My SO competed in a long distance triathlon in Jeju over the weekend. The finish line lacked fresh, cold water! His only choices were hot soup, tea or coffee on a hot day! That's what he gets for finishing too fast!
-Yesterday I sampled Australian moscato and red sweet the grocery store! Heineken beer was also available to taste.


Trvlgyrl said...

We have got to go have a cold frozen yogurt treat at the Red Mango - how could we have missed this one - I would have to say it tasted so much better than our favorite 500won McDonalds soft serve cone!

Trvlgyrl said...

I don't think we finished even 20
% of the things on our KBL! :o(