Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The sweet smell of freshly baked Delimanjoo cakes tempts me every time I transfer Metro trains at Samgakchi Station. Usually, the smell alone satisfies me, but sometimes I buy a small sack of the custard-filled mini cakes. I'm disappointed when the vendor hands me a pre-made sack; the best cakes are fresh off the griddle. That way the outside is crisp while the inside is hot and tender. The cakes aren't too sweet, and they're never greasy. One sack has about 320 calories according to the bag.
A small bag contains about 12-15 cakes (about 100 grams) and costs $2. You can only buy them at bus stations or subways, places that usually quell my appetite. Sometimes if you stand next to the griddle and look confused, the vendor will give you a free sample.
My mom enjoyed this treat but liked hotteok best. As for me, I like them all in moderation!

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Tia said...

Those were soooooooooooo GOOD!!