Sunday, September 21, 2008

Food Pyramid at the Fair

On Saturday I took my food pyramid gear to the Boys & Girls Club Community Fair. My station was in "Totland," an area with little kids' games. Though I have limited resources (including a lack of creativity) I came up with a simple game. The kid would blindly choose a food model from a bag. He then would tell me the name of the food and its place in the food guide pyramid. Then he would win a prize - a toothbrush, water bottle, stickers, or 5-a-day food tracker magnet.
I had no idea if the game was age appropriate. Some of the kids could answer quickly and easily. Other kids had to be prodded and pushed by their parents. One Caucasian kid could not identify a pancake. He said 'bread.' It turned out he was not allowed to eat junk food like pancakes at home!
An ajumma stopped by and attempted to take five boothbrushes. The nerve - she did not even play the game!
I wasn't sure if I approved of the juice boxes (corn syrup) and fruit chews (corn syrup) and candy given as freebies at the adjacent table. Other food options included hot dogs, popcorn, and soda. It's time to start adding healthier choices to these events. If childhood overweight and inactivity is such a concern, then changes need to be made at all levels.
Fortunately, a thunderstorm rolled in, and I was able to pack and leave an hour early!


Tia said...

It looks like you are enjoying having your booth and I think your "game" was interesting!

MandyKat said...

Thanks! I like going to these fairs, even though I'm not very outgoing.