Monday, May 18, 2009

Daegu Olympic Triathlon

Despite the rain, we drove to Daegu for an Olympic triathlon. I had a meal of hobak juk:

And a tiny piece of bread:Plenty of beta carotene but not enough calories! Later I bought a red bean bun at Family Mart. We stayed at a love hotel. Usually love hotels charge by the hour, and you have to pay cash. Instead of a key, the clerk buzzes you up. The parking lot entrance is shrouded with a tattered plastic curtain for car privacy. The rooms have always been really nice, though I don't know who would use the community toothpaste and hair brush!
Anyway, the weather was perfect the next morning. I swam and biked just for the chance to run:Every lap I passed a table of choco pies (a staple at Korean races), bananas, gatorade, and water. The race is too short for a choco pie, in my opinion! My SO swears by the Korean cake rolls for his long runs, though.
Every athlete received a meal upon finishing:The meal included seaweed soup, rice, vegetables, kimchi, and breaded meat cutlets. When I briefly walked away from the meals, an old man approached and picked up one of the boxes! I hurried back and grabbed the box from his hands. He looked as confused as I was. Then he used hand gestures to ask me to get him his own box! Mind you, he was not in the race. I pretended I did not understand.

In retrospect I should have given him the meal. I didn't eat it. Concentrated calories and simple sugars are best directly after a race. From what I've seen at Korean races, people either don't know or don't care about optimal recovery. Perhaps the Korean post-race meal is for celebration, not recovery. In which case, the meal was perfect!


Rebecca said...

How did you do in the race? Were you training for it? An Olympic distance sounds hard!! That poor man - maybe he was just hungry?

Trvlgyrl said...

Choco pies??? Hmmm.. sounds yummy - wonder if they are like the Korean version of Moon pies. I laughed about you taking the meal from the old man! Seems to be the custom - kind of like polite pushing? Guess it is time to go home, huh?

Tia said...

Is that the running outfit I gave you? Looks great. Is this the race where you placed fourth in your division? If so.. YAY Mandy!!

MandyKat said...

Sandy - Yes, you know it's time to go home when you yourself start bumping into people on accident. (Remember yesterday near Emart?)
Mom - no, it's a 1-piece trisuit. Yes, I did place fourth! Kind of surprising!
Becky - I didn't train specifically for an Olympic. I just swam, biked, and ran every week.