Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nine Course Chinese Meal

The conference gala included a fancy Chinese dinner. I had hoped for Malaysian food. (I hadn't eaten Chinese food since my trip to Beijing in 2001.) I loved the multiple courses. We had plenty of time to socialize.
In the beginning, I sat at a table of American dietetians. Then I saw the appetizers arrive. Meat, meat, and more meat:
A server dished up our portions for each course:
Soon after receiving this meaty plate, I followed another dietetian to a vegetarian table full of Indian ladies. The rest of our courses contained mock meat. I had forgotten that texturized protein could have so many different flavors and textures (not all good).
Roasted mock chicken:
Wok-fried fresh mock prawns:
Mushroom and vegetable stir fry, the best course:

Dessert was a chilled soup of gingko nuts, red dates and white fungus. Several ladies skipped this course and headed to Hard Rock Cafe instead. Thousands of miles from home, and we still go to American chains!


Trvlgyrl said...

By the looks of the meat analogs - I think I still prefered the non-vegetarian foods! Not my favorite meal - but the service and ambience was excellent!

MandyKat said...

"Not my favorite meal" - you are being too kind! : ) I think my favorite meal there was the Indian food at the KL Twin Towers mall. Remember our hairdresser said to avoid all food courts? Instead we avoided the hawker centers.

Tia said...

Those mock meats look yucky. Did you try them? I'd think the vegetable dishes would be great though.