Monday, May 18, 2009

Hwaguesa Temple

I spent a Sunday afternoon at Hwaguesa Temple, near Bukhansan: A monk greeted us in French and led us to an eating area for foreigners:

Everyone else ate in the noisy outer area. Our meal included rice and various sidedishes and fruit:
We accidentally sat at the "monks only" table and ate their black bean rice cakes and oranges:
Since you should eat everything you take, I filled my bowl conservatively. Mushrooms, pineapple, tofu, and rice:

The meal was free, so I wondered how many hikers stopped merely for the food. Donations, of course, were welcome. After the meal, we headed upstairs for 1:30 of meditation. Talk about challenging. I much prefer a 4am meditation to a food coma post-lunch one!


Rebecca said...

Wow, that looks really good!!! :) How funny that you accidently ate the food from the monks' table!

MandyKat said...

Wow, you've really branched out on food preferences! Thanks for becoming a follower of the blog!

Tia said...

I like the look of the combination of chicken, rice and pineapple. Going to make it for dinner :-)

MandyKat said...

Mom, Did you really make that combination? I'm not sure if they meant those foods to be combined into one bowl. It just turned out that way!