Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hot Porridge on a Cold Day in Bundang

Eric and I spend Sunday afternoons together. We take turns planning an activity. This past weekend we visited an upscale neighborhood that he discovered when cycling. The street was quiet, not crowded, tree-lined, organized, and clean:We stopped at Bon Juk for a snack. The sign advertised black bean juk because Koreans traditionally eat this porridge one day in December.
Due to lean economic times, we shared a bowl. Fortunately the bowl was huge!
We alternated bits of kimchi'i with spoonfuls of porridge. I didn't like to mix the two items. The porridge tasted like beans - no spices, little salt, no sugar. It also contained glutinous rice balls, the tastiest part.
After our snack we returned to the bus stop. I couldn't resist this photo of contrasts: a love hotel (aptly called Hotel Novios) nextled between expensive high rise apartments.
At least unfaithful spouses and unwed young people need not travel far from home!


Tia said...

The soup doesn't appear to be what I consider soup.. but I don't know what to compare it's appearance to either.. looks filling though!

Therese Mac Seain said...

I love the chicken soup Porrige at this place . I ts the kinda stuff you want to eat when you got a cold .