Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starbucks Saturdays

I study for my personal trainer certification almost every Saturday at Starbucks. Usually I meet my study friend at the "Itaewon West" location.
In 2001 during my first stay in Korea, cafes were rare. This time however, a new one seems to open every week. In fact, two Starbucks have opened in Itaewon since my arrival in 2007, making a grand total of three!
Post already has two locations of its own. The on-post locations feel American. The off-post ones have Korean touches: green tea scones, no sugar free options, liquid sugar. The Korean ambiance is there: noisy, crowded, hot, and multi-storied. The smokers have their own section, a glass enclosed area with the best view and the most natural light. To use the free internet, one must have a Korean identification number. The Korean Starbucks also have recycling bins for lids, cups, liquids, and everything else: This weekend Eric made a surprise visit:And promptly feel asleep in his chair!


HappyMommy02 said...

Personal Trainer?!? Can I ask you a question?

I'm so excited b/c this has been on my mind. I would email you, but I didn't see a link.

I've been training w/a running group and did my first 1/2marathon last weekend 2:28. Felt great,etc. But my knees hurt and I've had a biomechanic test where the guy videotaped me running on a treadmill and told me my weaknesses. Basically, I need to do some muscle strengthening exercises for my quads/glutes. I love to do weight bearing ones (push ups, tricep dips, etc.), but don't know how to do for lower body.

Here's my question: How can I strengthen my muscles to protect my knees. I've heard squats/lunges are bad for knees. I don't have a gym membership, but I can look into one, if needed.

Thanks, I know this is off topic from your blog.

Tia said...

I didn't see a glass enclosure at the one we went to off base.. must have been upstairs?