Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tteok Cafe Jilsiru

We had to try the rice cakes after visiting the museum. Each rice cake cost 1500W or about $1.10. So many choices! We drank persimmon leaf tea rich in vitamin C:The tea was disappointing. I could have prepared a cup at home with a leaf cutting!Potted herbs and lit, scented candles sat on each table. The place was quiet, even relaxing, a rarity for a Korean cafe.Our plate of rice cakes (from left to right) included dense black bean, dense pumpkin and seeds, green tea round, and citron acorn. The citron rice cake, our favorite, tasted like a fresh orange. I loved how the rice cakes were halved despite their small size.A sweet, green tea paste filled the green ball. I swear the powder is ground black bean and not dirt!

Would rice cakes have a place in America's 'Starbucked' culture?

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Tia said...

How many calories are in the little rice cakes.. do you think? They "look" sweet. I'd have one at Starbucks.