Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daeborum - Full Moon Foods

Yesterday was daeborum, the first full moon of the lunar new year. On this day, Koreans eat certain foods for health and vitality. Traditionally the foods provided the vitality that farmers needed for the farming season to come. I tagged along while a friend shopped for the foods at Emart. Here are the foods she bought:
Rice cakes (upper lefthand corner) made with rice, fruits, and chestnuts:
Vegetables (naemul) and rice (a mix of several types and red bean). The red bean gives the rice a reddish-brown color. Here are the pre-made options:
They must eat an odd number of vegetable dishes. Ideally, they should eat them eleven times in one day.
Multi-grained rice by the bag:
The vegetables were harvested during the previous season. They are dried and rehydrated for this meal. They can also be purchased fresh:
The vegetables are mixed with oil and mild seasonings. Walnuts and peanuts may also be eaten.
Here's to good health this lunar new year!


Trvlgyrl said...

I like the plastic gloves on the corner of the vegetables on the last pix. Are they reusing? The same person wearing them?. Kind of funny! I like the multi-grain rice - I recommend to my DM patients to eat instead of the white rice - same portion though -but more fiber!

MandyKat said...

I can't believe I didn't notice those gloves. Do your patients actually try the rice? I've found that some people are kind of hesitant.

Trvlgyrl said...

The majority of the patients (Korean) have eaten the rice in the past - I found some "American" ones that just prefer the white rice. My TKD instructor is the one that first introduced me to the multi-grain rice and I was so impressed with how much fiber was in it (don't ask me how many!)

Tia said...

Interesting food tradition! I think I would like the multi-grain-rice. It looks more tasty.