Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Chocolates

In Korea women give men chocolate for Valentine's Day. We watched the ritual several times while enjoying red drinks at the Seoul Hyatt. Our friend gave us chocolates too:One month later, on White Day, men return the gesture by giving candy to women.I guess my self-made holiday, Analog Holiday, is not really unique after all. On this day I treat my husband to his favorite "man" things. We celebrate it on January 14, one month before V-day. I'm not sure if he likes it as much as I like V-day!


Tia said...

Why do you call it Analog Day?
Cute idea.

MandyKat said...

The "holiday" on Jan. 14 is analogous to Valentine's Day. Instead of getting roses, chocolates, cards, and sweet nothings, the guy receives the kinds of things he likes. Eric might get a greasy, cheesy meal in front of the TV, a triathlon book, etc. After an enjoyable Analog Day, he understands why V-day is meaningful to me. We are both "celebrated" this way. We've been doing it several years now!