Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pancakes and Pizza

My friend Angella and I have started cooking together. She brings ingredients to prepare a Korean food, and I prepare something American. Last night we made pizza and Korean pancakes. I made the whole wheat crust in advance. Here we are chopping food for our recipes: Angella purchased a ready-made Korean pancake mix, pre-peeled onions, zuchini, and leaves:

You can make the Korean pancake with any vegetable or seafood. Here is the mix:
Angella created her own pizza for the first time. I showed her how to flatten the dough and add the accoutrements. We always eat BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza, but sometimes I throw old leftovers on the top.
Angella taught me how to fry and flip the Korean pancake. We did not have the right ladle, spatula, or frying pan in our American kitchen. She managed fine, though. We made a simple dipping sauce of sesame oil and low-sodium soy sauce. Since we only had two pairs of chopsticks, I used a fork with mine. It felt really strange; Korean pancakes are meant to be eaten with chopsticks. Angella taught Eric how to cut the pancake with the chopstick. I used the pizza cutter on mine.
Here are the final products:

Now I feel confident enough to make the pancakes myelf, probably from scratch. I don't know if Angella will attempt the pizza. Good mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce are difficult finds here. Next time we're going to bake sweets!


Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun...happy vday!

Tia said...

What a great idea for each of you to learn to make new foods!

heartkorean said...

yummm. I bought that same korean pancake mix and have been experimenting with it lately. I'm trying to get the right ratios of stuff (veggies seafood) to the mix. if nothing else, it's a lot of fun to make at home.