Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fish Bread

Cold weather indicates the beginning of fishing season. By fishing, I mean finding a street vendor who sells pang ap bang. Pang ap bang literally means "bread without fish." The fish-shaped cooked dough is actually filled with sweet red bean, not fish paste. It costs 1000 won for three. (Less than a dollar these days, with a rate of 1401 won per dollar as of Nov 30.)

Too bad I missed out on these sweet treats last year. The fish shape scared me away!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you tell me about your blog earlier?! I love it! Have you heard that red yeast rice is touted to treat hypercholesterolemia? It's in my popular dietary supplements book (we are such nerds).

Missed you in Hawaii! I knew what days you were here but didn't know of a way to contact you. Hope you and Eric had fun on your short stay!


Heejin said...

Actually isn't that boong-uh-bbang? Literal translation is "fish bread."

MandyKat said...

Hee Jin,
Thanks for reading. Yes, I am referring to "fish bread" in this post. I just spell it in English differently than you do.