Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tea Time

One day I was at a Korean friend's house, and she gave me a glass of cold tea. Its mild taste resembled that of whole grains. When I asked her about it, she opened her freezer and gave me a baggie of twigs. She told me to boil the twigs in a pot of water to make the tea. Koreans use it as a diuretic, she said. This baggie has been sitting in the back of my freezer for the past six months. Somehow I can not muster the courage to boil sticks in water. Maybe next time we go camping I'll give it a try. It seems like an outdoor activity.

Fortunately, E-mart sells a pre-made version: Speaking of tea, a new contractor stopped by my office. She gave me to packets of tea, which she had trouble describing in English. One is a green tea with brown rice (two of Korea's most popular ingredients) and the other is as yet unidentified:
I've never been much of a tea drinker. It tastes bitter and leaves a film on my teeth. However, I actually enjoy the different Korean teas. It's fun to see how many products I can try with green tea!


Tia said...

Your blog is so interesting.. I'm really enjoying it! You are becoming well versed in Korean food!

MandyKat said...

Thanks, Mom! I'm planning to self-publish it as a keepsake after I leave Korea.

Rebecca said...

Green tea is so healthy!!! I love the pictures on your blog. It seems that you really enjoy the Korean food. :)

MandyKat said...

Thanks for reading, Becky!