Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr. Pizza Loves Women

That evening we stayed at a $25 dollar-a-night motel near Outer Seorak. We decided to drive back to Seokcho, the closest large town, to find a pizza place. We scoured the city until we finally found one block with a Mr. Pizza, a Bueno Pizza, and a Pizza Hut (which we unfortunately did not notice until after dinner).
We chose Mr. Pizza. The hostess lead us to our seat. A few minutes passed until an English-speaking server could be rousted out of the kitchen. Here is a picture of the menu cover:

Apparently, Mr. Pizza loves women and knows how to please them. He serves ingredients that women love: dough with wheat from Canada, fresh cheese, beef from Korea or Australia (NOT the U.S.).

Mr. Pizza even did a survey to determine women's favorite ingredients. He then created a speciality pizza with women's faves. Eric chose a dull-looking spaghetti plate: He called it "spaghetti from a can." The pickles added an interesting touch to the meal. Ironically, I chose the women's pizza before learning about Mr. Pizza's survey.

The pizza contained fresh mozzarella cheese, vegetables, spicy chicken, mashed sweet potato, golden crust, and swirls of blue cheese sauce. I said anyo to the blue cheese sauce. The pizza was tasty in a spicy, flavorful Korean way. Fortunately, the "golden crust" referred to the sweet potato stuffed in the turtle skin. Delicious!

After the meal, we both went to the bathroom. Since Mr. Pizza loves women, the women's bathroom was spacious and furnished with a comfy couch. And, since he knows women, he even stocked the women's bathroom with a mouthwash dispenser:
According to Eric, no such amenities for the men!


Tia said...

This was a really good post Mandy.. so interesting! Wow! That pizza was so untypical wasn't it? Whoever would combine blue cheese with sweet potatos? Yikes!

MandyKat said...

I can't imagine blue cheese with anything, especially sweet potatoes! I'm glad you enjoyed it!