Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food Expo at COEX Exhibition Center

On Sunday Eric and I took the Metro to the COEX mall. First, I wandered around the food court. A special Red Mango with self-serve bits of fruits to top frozen yogurt. Pinkberry in Southern California is a spawn of Red Mango. I always wondered who created such an odd name for a frozen yogurt place. Now it makes sense, given Korea's penchant for off-the-wall English names. The frozen yogurt is sour and low in calories.

Each fast food place had its own water cooler.

Here is the peaceful, airy food court.

Next, I headed to the Food Expo, while Eric explored a cycling expo. I paid 3,000 won to look at foods offered by different vendors. It was the perfect event for a food service manager. Many people were taking photos of the products, so I felt at home.

A few items stood out.
Red yeast rice:

Black Garlic:

Fresh Rice Cakes:

Carefully bagged lettuce locked in a display case:

Mixed rice and seafood cups:

Traditional Korean Rice Cake Display:

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Tia said...

What a perfect place for you to visit! I have never heard of black garlic. Very interesting!