Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here is a unique gum flavor:
Mangosteen contains xanthones, antioxidants that could have health benefits. As usual, more research is needed. (Antioxidants have proven financial benefits, though, for the functional food industry.) The astringent rind houses the antioxidants, while the flesh only provides flavor.
It has been used for traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. However, the U.S. would not import it until 2007, when fruit irradiation was allowed.

Here are some other gums:

Energizing label:
I can just smell the rotting fish with this vivid name:
Sharp shape:
OK...I will now go back to my Orbit.


Trvlgyrl said...

The fisherman's friend is supposed to have a very minty taste - never tried it though. I do like the gingseng gum - flavor doesn't laste long though. And don't forget about the xlitol gum - very popular and has been proved to reduce risk of tooth decay - just don't eat the whole package - possible anal leakage may occur.

heartkorean said...

mangosteen sunkist gum... gotta try that