Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ladies Night - Mexican Potluck

Not Korean food, but food nonetheless. I hosted my first ever ladies' night on Saturday:Everyone prepared foods from scratch. My friend concocted a "Mexican salad dressing" with cheese, lime, and peppers. We used fresh lime and homemade simple syrup for our strong margaritas.

Here we are before our dinner. We're all leaving within the next four months, and this dinner was a "good-bye" for some.
My dinner plate: chicken enchiladas, salad, refried beans, Spanish rice. I made the refried beans myself using good old bagged beans. It makes a BIG difference.

After dinner we played a get-to-know-you game. The winner won this 'regifted' item. Some of you may recognize it as my husband's Lunar New Year gift! Note the missing bottle.
We finished our meal with fresh cut fruit and this low-fat flan. Delicious!


Tia said...

What a great picture of your get together! I know you had a fantastic time.. good for you Mandy.. you are a really fine hostess.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Are you guys leaving soon? and where's your next duty station?

kushibo said...

Where do you get flan in Korea?

I miss flan (when I'm in Korea), though you'd think since I'm in Hawaii I'd try to track some down.

What dietary issues do you deal with in your government role? I'm in public health (with a Korea focus, of course) and the issues of stomach cancer and other diet-related health issues are big.

WORD VERIFICATION: poodisc (ha ha!)

MandyKat said...

We got the flan from my friend's kitchen. All the food was from scratch, even the refried beans.

I work with pregnant women, children and infants. I deal with nutritional needs for pregnancy, infant feeding, picky eaters, etc.

I would be interested to learn about stomach cancer. I remember learning at school that Korea has a higher rate of stomach cancer than the United States. Do you know if this statistic is still true? If so, what are the proposed reasons? I remember that the fermented and spicy foods were mentioned as potential culprits.
Your job sounds interesting!