Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paying the Phone Bill

My friend and I walk to the KT building from work to pay our phone bill. We always take the same route and stop at the same stores.
Narrow one-way street:
Walk-up coffee on the one-way street:
Outdoor refrigeration (Not 40 degrees F, however...thank goodness!):
Upscale, modern buildings smothering old charm:

One of many convenience stores where I buy my popcorn. Many stores have plastic lawn chairs and tables for the customers:
Finally, KT Plaza, where we waited a mere 10 minutes:
The infamous double barber shop poles. I've heard that double-poled places are off limits. Are the rumors true?
Family Mart, where we always buy grain drinks and chat with the clerk in English (he likes it):
We added a new stop on our route - a Tous les Jours bakery:
The store was warm and buttery. I have a mild butter phobia and didn't last long.
Trays and tongs to select baked goods. Should tongs be used for wrapped items?
Recently we learned that we can pay our phone bill at any convenience store, not just the KT store. We decided to walk there anyway. Habits are hard to break!

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Tia said...

What does the double pole imply?