Sunday, March 15, 2009

Laver Lament

I thought I'd add laver, a kind of seaweed, to my diet for the iodine. I rarely use table salt, the primary source of iodine for Americans. Of course, I consume salt in processed foods, but that salt is not iodized.
Here are different types of seaweed for sale in Myeongdong. They may be seasoned, salted, or well-oiled.
Seaweed is ubiquitous in foods here. I always brush the green bits aside, though. I found a small pack at a convenience store:It sat in my cabinet for months until I decided to open it for a blog picture! I know people love rice with laver. In fact, you can buy it as a snack at convenience stores. I just can't do it, though, despite the health benefits. Maybe I should have been exposed to more foods as a kid.

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~ Sil in Corea said...

Oh, gosh! I grew up on the coast of Maine and we ate seaweed back in the 1950s. We went down to the shore at low tide and waded in. Some folks gathered it from boats, using a tool that looked something the rake you use to "dethatch" a lawn. Nowadays, there are commercial seaweed farms in Maine, mostly selling to Asia and to specialty grocery stores serving Asian-Americans.