Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flapping in the Breeze

When I visited Dragon Rock on Jeju Island, I saw what looked like sheets flapping in the breeze: Here they are in packaged form, though Koreans also eat them roasted:
And here is how I prefer my cute cuttlefish:


jack said...

Hi Mandy, How long are the cuttlefish that are hanging from the line? When you buy it packaged how do you prepare it? Is it eaten like potato chips? Interesting section, thanks. Jack

MandyKat said...

Jack - glad you enjoyed it! I didn't know if anyone would find this posting.
The hanging cuttlefish were about two feet long. People eat the fish right out of the package! I've heard it's salty. I know it smells fishy.
The cuttle fish is also grilled and served. The fish is placed directly on some sort of hot stone grill. Otherwise, it's placed in a metal rack and cooked over the hote stones.
You can buy the grilled version at rest areas, baseball games, the movies, the park, etc.. The smell is very strong!
I'll encourage my mom and AB to try it!

Tia said...

Are cuttlefish actually squid or octopus family members?

MandyKat said...

Mom, they are squid.