Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lotte Department Store Market

No, these aren't crustless white bread sandwiches. They are compact triangle of rice with a tuna fish filling. The finishing touch is a seaweed wrap.
This little guy is cute. I wish I had taken this picture at an aquarium and not a market.
Shrimp wrapped with fried noodles. A mix of bean, glutinous rice, and possibly meat since I found it in the meat department.
Individually wrapped fruits.


jack said...

The fruit looks delicious... is it expensive also?

MandyKat said...

Hi Jack - I don't think that fruit is expensive. We're still trying to figure out why the watermelon was so costly. Even our Korean friend was surprised!

S said...

I don't remember what the prices were for the fruit, but considering we were at an upper end grocery store I would imagine it would be. Plus, I think they were preparing for Chusoek - so prices tend to go up and you will most likely be paying for presentation. The fruit is very nicely packaged and they seem to pick the best fruit for gift boxes.