Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Food Court Experience

The Gangjin Celadon festival had booths where people could make pottery, frames, t-shirts, and more. Each one had a name - "Coil Pot Experience," "Pottery Experience," etc. Well, here is the "Food Court Experience" I had on the drive down to Gangjin: The rest area food court had five different restaurants. Each one sold a particular type of food, such as naengmyun (cold buckwheat noodles). I opted for the Japanese udon noodles with fried tofu. One cashier handled purchases for all the restaurants. I simply said "udon with tofu," paid, and took my receipt to the Japanese counter (with help, of course. I did not know where to take my receipt!)
Here is Sandy waiting for her gimbap. The metal bowls on the left contained chopsticks and spoons. On the far left was a tin of radishes. The equivalent for American food would be pickles.
My bowl of udon noodles with tofu. The noodles were thick and tasty, but I avoided the salty broth. I don't like spaghetti noodles, but for some reason I enjoy udon. Note the side of radish. The ajumma coaxed me to take a few. I did to be polite. However, I opted for a fork instead of chopsticks.
It's a shame that American food courts don't offer such tasty foods!

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