Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Favorite Rest Area Treat

Rest areas are festive places with food courts, individual vendors, merchants, and bathrooms with 40+ stalls (including 1/2-sized stalls for kids!)
The vendors sell the foods one would normally buy on the street. The walnut cookies are my favorite. A better name for them would be "walnut & bean filled cakes," but the Korean name literally means "walnut cookie."
The machine squirts the batter into small walnut-sized molds. A second machine squirts the filling into the center. The freshly made product is crisp on the outside, soft in the center, and very hot! If you like red bean buns, then you would love walnut cookies. One sack contains about 10-15 and costs about $2.
Crisp outside
with a mashed, sweetened red bean and walnut center.


Tia said...

I definitely want to try the walnut cookies when we visit! They look very unique and tasty.

jack said...

I'm sure the walnut cookies would be a tasty treat! What are the choices of beverages available?

MandyKat said...

Jack, Korean markets have such unique drinks. I will do some posts on them!
Mom, you will definitely try walnut cookies along with the custard filled version!