Friday, August 29, 2008

Made near the DMZ

North Korea in the background but no North Koreans in sight. The DMZ gift shop sold DMZ shirts, hats, and chocolates stuffed with jalapeno pepper, sweet potato, ginseng, or orange.
The panch'eon served with our bibimbap lunch. The kimch'i was too spicy for my tastes.
Koreans pay more for products harvested near the DMZ. The most expensive red ginseng comes from this area. They believe the air is fresher and the land is unspoiled, creating a better crop. (This region is sparsely populated and undeveloped.) The government subsidizes the living expenses for farmers in this area. They earn roughly $85,000 per year.
The DMZ logo seems like a touristy gimmick, but perhaps the taste is better.

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