Friday, December 19, 2008

Dream of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers in Korea can describe their favorite chocolate down to the percentage of cocoa: For those of us looking for a health benefit to eating sweets, 72% cocoa is a healthy choice. The darker the better, since health-boosting flavonoids give chocolate its dark color. Also, look for cocoa butter as an ingredient rather than palm or coconut oil. Though cocoa butter contains saturated fat, its effect on blood cholesterol is neutral. This reputable website recommends no more than seven ounces per week.
I prefer supplements, fruits, vegetables, or certain teas for antioxidants. I'm not a choco-holic,though, so I could care less about chocolate. Nevertheless, I did buy the 72% chocolate, and it tasted fine. I'm still a lifelong vanilla fan, though!

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David said...

i stumbled onto your blog by searching "dark chocolate, korea" on google. i am of korean decent, and when i visited korea for the first time 2 years ago for my semester abroad, i fell in love with the food as much as the culture. i got really excited to see a registered dietian experiencing a very authetic ethnic journey in such a familiar place. when i was there, i lost so much weight from walking to/from the subway (1 mile each way), walking around the city, and eating healthy.. i think my body fat percentage went down while i was able to maintain the same weight with some anaerobic workouts. i love your pictures and i hope i could hear back from you! e-mail me at