Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Patong's Carre Four

We stocked our room with groceries from a local Carre Four. We weren't the only ones with the idea; the place was teeming with foreigners! Like any supermarket, this one had food departments. Here is the one for dried fruit ranging from strawberries to figs:
A variety of tofu products:The foreign food section, where Jif peanut butter cost $6:Happy meat:The infamous durian, the expensive, smelly fruit loved by raw foodists. Don't try to take one home - it's illegal to travel with them:Happy with our purchases: Our breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner foods for five days (we supplemented with protein powder):

As soon as we left the store, tuk tuk drivers descended upon us. Our ride cost $6 for a mere 2 miles! No choice in the matter, as I was too tired to haggle:Believe it or not, we were eating peanut butter sandwiches up to the last day in Thailand. We're such creatures of habit!


Trvlgyrl said...

Ooooh-how fun a Thai grocery store. Did you guys go in and out -or did you spend hours like we would have if I was there?

MandyKat said...

If you were there, I would have taken tons more photos! I was hesitant by myself, and Eric was "all business" with the shopping.