Saturday, December 20, 2008

Korean American Friendship Gift

On Friday the Korean American Friendship Committee delivered gifts to hospital departments. The box said "Fru Story...when you wish to send your sincere heart":

I love the way Koreans use the English language. I'm not sure I even understand what this phrase means. The more I read it, the less sense it makes! My question is, do Koreans write this way on purpose, or is something lost in translation? Anyway, the box contained individually-wrapped apples and persimmons:

The crisp Fuyu next to its squishy Hachiya cousin:
I guess the aptly-shaped Hachiya could symbolize giving one's sincere heart.


Trvlgyrl said...

They did include the 5 a day motto on the box -thought that was cool! Did you eat your fruit yet? The fuyu persimmons was good!

MandyKat said...

No, not yet, but I plan to eat it tonight! Oh...I missed that part of the photo. You should have taken the picture!

Trvlgyrl said...

Its on there - under Frustory - so you got it :o) Can't wait to see pix of the yummy Thai fruit.