Monday, December 1, 2008

The Market - JAPAN

Food portions in Japan were very small. Even the mini muffins were half the size of American mini muffins:Each muffin was the size of a quarter!

The supermarket sold a variety of sushi (right) and wrapped rice (left). In the United States, the wrapped rice cost $6 for three. However, they were a mere $1.80 for six in Tokyo. Everything else, though, was expensive.
Tempura for sale by the piece:

Beverages (again note the sizes):

Neatly wrapped and displayed produce:

Though other products were small, the fruit was huge, even by American standards. The produce is harvested in Japan and available based on the season.

Note the fruit's sugar content. All fruit was labeled this way.In Japan, people bag their own groceries. Americans simply purchase too many groceries at one time for this method to work.

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Tia said...

Yep.. Asian folks have become used to eating less.. unlike us here. They can't afford to eat too much anyhow in Japan I guess. I wonder how much your friend spends for food each month there..