Friday, December 19, 2008

E-mart and Buns

On our walk to E-mart, we have somewhat of a ritual. First we look for the lady selling Korean popcorn or the man selling persimmons. Then we walk past the numerous tents of street foods and always vow to take photos next time. We always smell at least one rotten or sour odor. We sneak looks down the vacant street of the "red-light district," where doll-like women pretty themselves behind glass windows. On our return trip, we stop by the bootleg DVD tent to check for the latest seasons of our favorite TV shows. Finally, right before crossing the street, we stop at this tiny shop for steamed buns:Due to language differences, we never know what fillings the buns contain. All we can do is point and hope for the best:
I guess the surprise is part of the fun! (Note to my family: No, I do not partake in this surprise.)

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Kyungmin said...

It looks like 'Wang Man do' and usually it contains ground meat, dang-myen(sweet potato spaghetti), tofu, ground garlic&ginger, green onions,suk-ju(similar to bean sprout), eggs etc. ^__^