Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Foods in Thailand

Happy New Year!
Here are some items that caught my eye in Thailand. We spent a few nights on Ko Phi Phi, where the nightlife rivaled the beach life. Vendors sold buckets containing a can of soda, an alcohol flask, and two straws. Simply pour the liquids in the bucket for an evening's worth of drinks: Other vendors sold Thai pancakes, which resembled crepes. The toppings, such as coconut or shrimp, were all Thai:
Pouches of Thai curry for "take-away":
Eggs for sale on the dry goods shelf:
Produce for sale in the Thai part of Ton Sai, a tiny village:
7-11 sold unwrapped locally-made sandwiches. Simply reach in and grab one:
A plethora of vitamin drinks containing everything from collagen to CoQ10:
These drinks were only about $1 each. ($1 = 33 baht)

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